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Greenwich stage 2 consultation begins as residents presented with 5 LTN 'options'

Option A West Greenwich LTN

The Royal Borough of Greenwich has unveiled five new low traffic neighbourhood (LTN) design proposals along with the rollout of stage 2 of the council's traffic management strategy consultation process.

Three designs have been revealed for West Greenwich and two for East Greenwich..

Spearheaded by Averil Lekau, in conjunction with Phil Jones Associates (PJA), the proposals - forming part of the two consultations which can be completed here - reveal the council's intentions to close off all hills across Greenwich except for Blackheath Hill to through traffic.

Option A East Greenwich LTNs

Lekau superseded Sarah Merrill as cabinet member for climate change, environment and transport after councillors voted Merrill out last year, following her decision to disband the previous LTN scheme implemented in August 2020, garnering support from a majority of residents, including disabled and elderly people.

PJA are renowned for designing the last LTN scheme in West Greenwich, as well as other controversial schemes across other London boroughs which have also failed to reduce traffic in their respective areas, particularly on boundary roads.

Proposals for East Greenwich range from the ridiculous to the absurd and consist of bus gates on Westcombe Hill and Vanbrugh Hill, ANPR cameras on Maze Hill and physical barriers preventing access to St John's Park. Plans also look to reroute traffic down Langton Way - a quiet, unadopted road which is not fit for the purpose designers PJA and the council intend.

Option B East Greenwich LTNs

Other proposals for East Greenwich consist of a series of strange ideas, including making Vanbrugh Hill one way (north to south) and installing ANPR cameras on Maze Hill.

Meanwhile, the three designs for West Greenwich fair no better, with 'option A' splitting West Greenwich into different, coloured zones. Changes proposed will result in Royal Hill being split across three individual zones, preventing even residents from travelling from one end of their own street to another in their vehicles.

A number of ANPR cameras are proposed for West Greenwich's first option, mainly focusing on Royal Hill and Crooms Hill areas. Physical barriers are proposed for Maidenstone Hill and Winfornton Street, despite emergency services' previous objections to them.

Option B West Greenwich LTN

'Option B' sees additional ANPR cameras proposed for the top of General Wolfe Road, leading down to Crooms Hill, as well as at the top of Hyde Vale at the junction with Shooters Hill Road among other ill-thought-out plans, such as reopening the narrow King George Street up to bi-directional traffic.

Finally, the council continues on its quest to prevent those who need to use their cars from doing so, by proposing ANPR cameras on Hyde Vale and Crooms Hill, while making Maidenstone Hill no entry.

Option C West Greenwich LTNs

Conspicuous by their absence on maps of the proposals are a number of important landmarks, most notably in West Greenwich. These include Our Ladye Star of the Sea and St Ursula's Secondary School on Crooms Hill, and James Wolfe Primary School on Royal Hill, the latter of which was previously refused a school street despite requests being made.

Questions remain as to whether the council - or PJA for that matter - understand the area. It is also apparent the council has learned nothing as far as previous concerns expressed by emergency services during the last scheme; either that or they are just ignoring them again.

The consultation will remain open until 13 October. Have your say now.

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