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Residents overwhelmingly reject Greenwich Council's plans for LTNs

Option A for East Greenwich pie chart.

Plans to reintroduce a a series of low traffic neighbourhoods (LTNs) across East and West Greenwich have been met with overwhelming rejection from respondents, independent data analysis has shown.

Two Commonplace surveys, which launched simultaneously in August and formed part of the second stage of the council's traffic management scheme, asked residents and businesses for feedback on five separate 'options' for road closures - three for West Greenwich and two for East Greenwich, respectively.

Option A, West Greenwich

More than 70 per cent of respondents rejected option A for West Greenwich LTNs (above), which would see the mixed use of automatic number plate recognition (ANPR) cameras and physical bollards to prevent traffic from travelling along hills including Crooms Hill, Hyde Vale and Point Hill 24 hours per day.

Aside from the area being segregated even further by way of coloured zones, this option is the most similar to the council's last failed scheme, which was rolled out in August 2020 and disbanded in March last year.

Just over 27 per cent of those surveyed responded positively.

Option B, West Greenwich

Option B, West Greenwich

Option B for west of Greenwich Park (pictured above) saw even fewer respondents in favour at just over 25 per cent, while - again - over 70 per cent considered plans to be either 'very negative' or 'negative'.

Similar to option A, residents and local businesses would be prevented from accessing Shooters Hill Road unless joining from Blackheath Hill.

Option C, West Greenwich

Option C, West Greenwich

Meanwhile, option C (above) faced the most criticism, with over 71 per cent of those surveyed responding negatively, versus just under 18 per cent reacting positively.

Seemingly the least thought-out of all West Greenwich proposals, option C would encourage people to speed through newly proposed one-way streets while preventing people from accessing Shooters Hill Road from both Crooms Hill and Hyde Vale.

Option A, East Greenwich

Option A, East Greenwich

Plans for East Greenwich's option A (pictured) faired no better, which proposes to split the area east of Greenwich Park into several separate, coloured zones, similar to option A in West Greenwich.

The yellow zone, the largest of these segregated areas, would prevent traffic from travelling past ANPR cameras located near railway stations situated on Maze Hill, Vanbrugh Hill and Westcombe Hill, forcing residents and businesses onto Victoria Way and past Fossdene Primary School.

Elsewhere, the use of physical barriers, previously confirmed by emergency services as something they do not support in any shape or form, will see restricted access to St John's Park, instead rerouting traffic through unadopted road, Langton Way.

Over 83 per cent of those consulted rejected the plans proposed. 15 per cent of respondents were in favour.

Option B, East Greenwich

Option B, East Greenwich

The most unclear proposal, plans for option B for East Greenwich (pictured), sees a number of physical bollards and one-way streets implemented across the area. There has been no clear explanation regarding access from the eastern area of the planned LTN area.

At the bottom of Westcombe Hill, buses will be able to pass through in a northerly direction only, while traffic will be prevented from travelling up or down Vanbrugh Hill.

A formidable 80 per cent of respondents rejected proposals for option B, with under 13 per cent agreeing with the plans proposed.

The question remains as to whether the council will listen to public opinion. A scheme, in one shape or another, looks likely to get the go-ahead in the new year.

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