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Pro-low traffic neighbourhood campaigner caught on dash cam vandalising telephone exchange box

Graffiti reading 'SLOW DOWN' on the telephone exchange box before being removed.

A well known, pro-low traffic neighbourhood (LTN) and anti-traffic campaigner has been made to clean up her own mess after being caught daubing graffiti in a West Greenwich street - by a parked vehicle’s dash cam.

Footage seen by OneGreenwich shows the local resident committing the criminal act of sprawling the words ’SLOW DOWN’ in permanent marker on a telephone exchange box (above) in Burney Street, West Greenwich, before hurrying away in the direction of her home nearby.

After being passed the footage, OneGreenwich took to Twitter to call on the perpetrator to remove the graffiti within seven days. It was subsequently removed within three hours (below).

The telephone exchange box after being cleaned

The person responsible, clearly identifiable in the footage, is regarded as an ‘eco-champion’ by a small handful in the local area, having previously represented her own ward for the first time, albeit unsuccessfully, in the 2022 local elections.

According to a local neighbour, who did not wish to provide their name, she has also campaigned robustly for play streets to be introduced on her own road, despite living just a short walk away from Greenwich Park and Blackheath Common, both of which contain over 430 acres of green space combined.

The average speed for traffic on Burney Street, where the the graffiti was placed, is 15.8 miles per hour according to the council’s latest speed monitoring exercise conducted in September 2022.

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