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Census 2021 results: Vehicle ownership

Here, you'll find Census 2021 results for car ownership across low traffic neighbourhood areas, where vehicles will be prevented from driving, and boundary road areas, where traffic will be displaced.

As evidenced, there is a far greater abundance of vehicle ownership within the LTNs than on the boundary roads, calling to question why those on the boundary roads are made to suffer an increase in traffic and pollution.

LTN areas

Crooms Hill

14 September 2020

car crooms.png

Hyde Vale

Car Hyde.png

Point Hill

car point.png

Winfornton Street and Maidenstone Hill - coming soon

Maze Hill - coming soon

Vanbrugh Hill - coming soon

Westcombe Hill - coming soon

Boundary road areas

Blackheath Hill

car blk.png

Greenwich South Street - coming soon

Greenwich High Road - coming soon

Trafalgar Road - coming soon

Woolwich Road - coming soon

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